Stepnote Publishing

StepNote has its own publishing house which primarily focuses on publishing Danish popular music notation and create new and innovative teaching materials in close collaboration with professional and innovative thinking musicians and music teachers .

We have released music for a number of Danish artists, for instance,. TV -2, Rasmus Seebach, Rasmus Walter, Carpark North, Swan Lee and more are coming .

Mission / Vision

Our goal and vision with the Publishing department is to publish as much as possible of the great Danish music notes. Pt. it is very small with Danish sheet music releases, both in terms of the older bands and artists from the newest and most popular names right now.

We are well on the way to change with a new and radically different business model and approach than the other established publishers and the goal is to get everyone on board.

We simply cannot understand why at least the top 40 best-selling names are not automatically publish their music as sheet music, their fans demand it , we know that, we are in contact with every day.

Are you interested in hearing what StepNote Publishing can do for you and you are one of the artists or bands that have many fans but no sheet music to offter them, please contact us for a chat.

You can view our releases here