About us

StepNote is a Danish Online Music Store and Music / Music Publishing

"We are passionate about delivering music and music teaching materials from around the world and especially to note put so much Danish popular music as possible. " You can read more about our publishing department here
We have more than 130,000 titles in sheet music and music teaching materials and to all genres , instruments , levels and types of media.

StepNote has been around since 2004 and has been started and are still operated by David Nejrup and Bo Lauenborg both music enthusiasts who have played and music for many years.

We have offices in Copenhagen and a remote warehouse which handles all pick and pack work for us so supplies running quickly and accurately and with so little margin for error as possible.

StepNote - Stepnote Sheetmusic geeks

Since we started in 2004 we have built up a large clientele and a broad network of publishers and vendors are constantly giving us knowledge and access to the latest and greatest in music materials and teaching materials. In StepNote we have our finger on the pulse and we geeks are well and truly in what is happening and do within our industry and the music industry in general.

In 2011, we decided to embark on a new mission - to kick start the release of Danish popular music of nodes. Since the mid eighties , the publication of Danish artist and band -based music books have been completely stalled.

We feel this is a scandal, because there is so much great Danish music as lots of music people out there of all ages want to play and sing and it can and must be done about this and we do now. We have currently . released TV 2 Songbook , Rasmus Seebach The Song Book , a Rasmus Walter Music Album , a Carpark North Node Album - and more are in the pipeline .

David Djarnel (left) and Bo Lauenborg (right) - the owners and founders of StepNote